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Here’s what Mr. Bill Dines, from Phoenix, Arizona, a Platinum member since July 2008, has to say about his experience with his Discount Travel Memberships with Global Resorts Network:

“What has my GRN membership meant to me—?

I became a member of GRN in July of 2008. For a one time lifetime low investment, I have traveled to many places over the past three years and saved a tremendous amount of money.

I was a timeshare junkie for the past twenty years having owned as many as six timeshares in various parts of the world. I had intentions of renting them and trading them through RCI and using them but what really happened was:

1. I wasn’t able to successfully rent any of them except to a family member now and then.

2. I wasn’t always able to use them all and ended up with a large number of deposit weeks with RCI that I could never use.

3. The last resort I bought a timeshare in (and by far the most expensive one) was a floating-time resort which I felt would benefit me more since my kids were grown and I didn’t have to be concerned about always vacationing during the summer. The problem with this type of timeshare was that when I wanted to travel, there was never any availability at my resort. Thus, it went into the RCI float pool and I eventually lost my week and my $800 maintenance fee down the drain……..

……Enough of that! I now own a Discount Travel Memberships GRN Membership and I can travel to wherever I want whenever I want. I have the option of $99 (plus the all-inclusive daily fee) in all-inclusive resorts or a minimum of $299 to a maximum of $799 in four and five star resorts all over the world for a weeks stay.

In fact, with the Discount Travel Memberships I’ve stayed in at least ten resorts over the past three years at an average savings of $1,500 dollars per stay. That’s a $15,000 savings and with a $5,000 buy in for your

membership, IT’S A NO BRAINER!! No blackout dates and no maintenance fees ever again. I actually stayed in my beautiful timeshare resort ($30,000 to buy with a $800 maintenance fee) for $499 through my GRN membership. WOW, go figure!

Get with your GRN representative as soon as possible and start saving megabucks on your travels with your Discount Travel Memberships!”

Bill Dines, Phoenix, Arizona.

Over $15,000 Saved In 10 Vacations In 3 Years




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